why do teenage girls hang out in odd numbers?

because they can’t even


Thank you, ABC Family, for reminding me today of my favorite moment of the entire Harry Potter film series.
As far as I’m concerned, the most magical moment of all 8 films is this one.
There is no magic.
There are no tricks.
There are no fantastic creatures.
There is only Harry, Hermione and a little-known song by Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds.
At this point the trio is broken up and all hope seems lost. Ron has left and they’ve hit a dead end cracking the code of all of Voldemort’s remaining horcruxes.
Seven movies in with each one turning darker, it can be easy to forget this started as a children’s series. The innocence is gone. That is, until Harry turns up a radio and dances with Hermione to lighten the mood in the goofy ways that Daniel Radcliffe’s Harry does so well.
The series spends so much time focusing on the trio, that you never really get a glimpse at them 1 on 1. In this scene and those that follow, you get to see the culmination of the years of friendship not only between Harry and Hermione, but Radcliffe and Emma Watson as well. It couldn’t be more clear how genuine that moment is.
That is why it’s my favorite moment in the entire Harry Potter series.



plot twist: the person you like actually texts you back

plot twist: the person you like texts you first

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